Highlights from the 2004 Campbell Conference:
Science Fiction Meet Science

These excerpts provide a taste of an exceptional event that took place during the 2004 Campbell Conference at the University of Kansas. A wide range of SF authors and scientists - Brian Aldiss, Phil Baringer, Greg Bear, Gregory Benford, James Gunn, Harry Harrison, Elizabeth Anne Hull, Jack McDevitt, Frederik Pohl, Pamela Sargent, Donna Shirley, Joan Slonczewski, Eric Solstein, and George Zebrowski - presented papers and responded to each others' ideas.

This event is a foreshadowing of the upcoming "Shape of Things to Come" conference, a major event where KU will host some of the world's most important scientists, thinkers, and SF authors. More information to come as we firm up guests and details.

This video is brought to you by AboutSF and the Center for the Study of Science Fiction at the University of Kansas.

Here's the schedule from the special event:

2004 Campbell Conference: Saturday, July 10

9:00am            James Gunn: welcoming remarks
9:30                Frederik Pohl: keynote address
10:00              discussion
10:15              Gregory Benford: Last Things: Cold Comfort in the Near Future
10:30              respondents: Pamela Sargent, Jack McDevitt
11:00              George Zebrowski: The Importance of Being Cosmic
11:30              respondents: Phil Baringer, Brian Aldiss
Noon               Lunch (Yello Sub near the Union)
12:45pm          mass autographing, Oread Book Store (2nd floor)
1:45                Joan Slonczewski: "Science Fiction as a Midwife for Future Biology"
2:30                respondents: Elizabeth Anne Hull, Greg Bear
3:00                Greg Bear: When Genes Go Walkabout
3:30                respondents: Joan Slonczewski, Harry Harrison
4:00                dinner break (no formal location)

7:30pm            Donna Shirley: The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame
                      Eric Solsteins The Real Kilgore Trout
                      John W. Campbells Golden Age of Science Fiction

2004 Campbell Conference: Sunday, July 11

9:00am            James Gunn: welcome back, review, announcements
9:15                Donna Shirley: People in Space, People on Mars
9:45                respondents: George Zebrowski, Gregory Benford
10:00              Brian Aldiss: Requiring a Museum (and Summing Up)
11:00              respondents: Frederik Pohl, others
11:30              general discussion and plans for the future
Noon               Conclusion. Thanks for participating!

updated 2/20/2009

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