Science Fiction Awards,
Student Work, and Scholarships

The KU Centers for the Study of Science Fiction present several awards for excellence in science fiction writing and scholarship. Click the links below for full information.

Annually during the Conference, the Center hosts the presentation of these major, international awards for science fiction:

Since 1973. The John W. Campbell Memorial Award honors the best science fiction novel of the year. Juried award. Details.

Since 1987. The Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award honors the best short science fiction of the year. Juried award. Details.

Since 1996. Each year, the Hall of Fame honors four individuals on the basis of continued excellence and long-term contribution to the science fiction and fantasy field. Two inductees were living contributors, and two were posthumous. (Since 2005 housed and presented at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame.)

The Center also hosts several annual student scholarships and awards:

Since 2015. Award to help outstanding SF writers attend the Center's summer writing workshops, particularly for attendees coming from other states and countries and KU grad students. Details. For more about the workshops, see this page.

Since 2005. Prize for the author of an outstanding SF story written for a KU course. Details.

Christopher Gunn Graduate Research Assistantship
or Scholarship in Science Fiction Studies

Since 2009. Award to help outstanding scholars and writers afford to study either SF literature or SF writing through the Center for the Study of Science Fiction at the University of Kansas. GRAs work out a project proposal with the Center directors in advance of their service, and scholarship recipients must submit a project proposal that assists the Center's mission to be considered. Details.

To see the courses available at KU offered through the Center and to get an idea of SF courses offered through affiliated departments, see this page.

Since 2010. Because, as James Gunn said, revision is where the real work of writing happens, we began offering the tongue-in-cheek distinction of the Silver Lining Award to recognize the Speculative Fiction Writing Workshop author whose revised story best demonstrates how well they internalized our revision recommendations and the concepts we discussed, who turned in the most-improved story over its original form. Just for fun - though the honoree goes home with a shiny robot and gets immortalized on the permanent trophy! List of winners coming soon.

updated 3/21/2021