Meagan Kane and Mackenzie VanBeest
AboutSF Coordinators 2013-2014

Meagan Kane - AboutSF Volunteer Coordinator

Meagan is an undergrad at the University of Kansas, hoping to get a B.A. in English. In her spare time, she gets mad about feminism and science fiction on the internet. She keeps a detailed record of the publication of every Tiptree story on her computer, and isn't even ashamed.

Mackenzie VanBeest - AboutSF Volunteer Coordinator

Mackenzie is a grad student at the University of Kansas currently studying Children's Literature. She once wrote a sixty-five page paper on Ender's Game.

They both live in Lawrence, Kansas.

KU mailing address:

English Department
University of Kansas
Wescoe Hall
1445 Jayhawk Blvd, Room 3001
Lawrence Kansas 66045-7590

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