Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame was founded in 1996 by the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society and the Center for the Study of Science Fiction. Each year, the Hall of Fame honored four individuals on the basis of their continued excellence and long-term contribution to the science fiction and fantasy field. Two inductees were living contributors, and two were posthumous. Until 2005, the inductees were selected by a committee including Robin Wayne Bailey, James Gunn, Joe Haldeman, and several other SF/F scholars.

Inductees were announced at the ConQuesT science-fiction convention on Memorial Day weekend in Kansas City, Missouri. The honorees were officially inducted into the Hall of Fame during the Awards Banquet at the University of Kansas during the Campbell Conference. The Conference is the focal point of a weekend of discussions about the writing, illustration, publishing, teaching, and criticism of science fiction.

2004 was the last year the Hall of Fame ceremonies took place in our part of the country. Beginning in 2005, only the Campbell and Sturgeon Awards will be given during the Conference, with the Hall of Fame inductions moving to the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle, which also houses the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame. The Center for the Study of Science Fiction continues to sponsor the Conference, which takes place at the University of Kansas.

2004 and newer

Click here to see the newest inductees into the SF&F Hall of Fame.


Brian Aldiss (1925- )
Harry Harrison (1925- )
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (1797-1851)
E. E. "Doc" Smith (1890-1965)


Samuel R Delany (1942- )
Michael Moorcock (1939- )
James Blish (1921-1975)
Donald A. Wollheim (1914-1990)


Jack Vance (1916- )
Ursula K. Le Guin (1929- )
Alfred Bester (1913-1987)
Fritz Leiber (1910-1992)


Poul Anderson (1926-2001)
Gordon R. Dickson (1923-2001)
Theodore Sturgeon (1918-1985)
Eric Frank Russell (1905-1978)


Ray Bradbury (1920-2012) (James Gunn remembers Bradbury)
Robert Silverberg (1935- )
Jules Verne (1825-1905)
A. Merritt (1884-1943)


Hal Clement (1922-2003)
Frederik Pohl (1919- )
C.L. Moore (1911-1987)
Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1988)


Andre Norton (1912-2005)
Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008)
H.G. Wells (1866-1946)
Isaac Asimov (1920-1992)


Jack Williamson (1908-2006)
A. E. van Vogt (1912-2000)
John W. Campbell (1910-1971)
Hugo Gernsback (1884-1967)

Here is the link to the original SF&F Hall of Fame website.

Here is the link to the new Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame website.

updated 6/6/2012

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