Science Fiction Writers Workshop:

Over the years, our program's founder, SF Grandmaster, and long-time SF Workshop leader James Gunn established some basic writing rules. Here they are:

  • The solutions to one generation's problems become the next generation's problems.
  • Science fiction is about a basic movement from ignorance to knowledge.
  • Honest writers don't stack the deck.
  • Ideas are cheap, it's the (writing) time that's precious.
  • The really big ideas have no solution.
  • A sequel is evidence that the writer hasnt done his job in the first novel.
  • Let's save the world through science fiction!
  • If you can do anything, there is nothing worth doing.
  • Fantasy is distinguished from science fiction by being hierarchical rather than democratic.
  • Gunn's Law: Sell it twice!

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updated 6/30/2012

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