Christopher McKitterick
CSSF Director

Chris McKitterick has worked with the Gunn Center since 1992, first as a volunteer. He began serving as assistant director in 1995, then was named Associate Director when he moved to Lawrence in 2002, and has served as Director since 2010.

He is an author, editor, technical writer, teacher, amateur astronomer, and back-yard engineer. After earning his BA in creative writing from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, McKitterick studied science fiction writing and literature with James Gunn, Frederik Pohl, and other guests of the Center at the University of Kansas, where he earned his MA in creative writing and continued post-graduate studies with Gunn afterward. After working for gaming and tech companies in the Northwest for nearly a decade - and assisting each summer with the Speculative Fiction Writing Workshop and SF Institute - he returned to KU full-time to teach SF and writing, and to support the Center for the Study of Science Fiction. Among other things, he studied astronomy and psychology on his route to SF scholar, writer, and teacher.

Since his short work first saw print in 1984, it has appeared in markets including Abyss & Apex, Aftermaths, Analog, Argentus, Artemis, Captain Proton, Discovery Channel Magazine, E-Scape, Extrapolation, Global Warming Aftermaths, James Gunn's Ad Astra, Libraries Unlimited, Locus, Mythic Circle, NOTA, Ruins: Extraterrestrial, Sentinels, Sense of Wonder, SFRA Review, Synergy, Tomorrow Speculative Fiction, Top Deck magazine, various TSR publications, Visual Journeys, Westward Weird, World Literature Today, a bowling poem anthology, and elsewhere, with a new story coming out in 2015's Mission Tomorrow. A poem of his was also set to music.

His debut novel, Transcendence, is now in its second edition. He recently finished a far-future novel, Empire Ship,, and has several other projects on the burner, including the YASF trilogy, The Galactic Adventures of Jack and Stella, and a memoir, Stories From a Perilous Youth.

McKitterick was honored to be guest editor (and webmaster) of the special World Literature Today "International Science Fiction" issue, with much internet-exclusive content available online. He also wrote several pieces for the issue and website. He was keynote speaker at the 2012 UCO Liberal Arts Symposium XXIV, where he presented "Science Fiction: Mythologies for a Changing Age," and presented the opening remarks on SF for 2014's Southwest Philosophical Society Conference keynote address.

He is nominations director of the Theodore A. Sturgeon Memorial Award for best short SF story of the year, and a juror on the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best SF novel of the year. Since 1992, he has taught the CSSF Writers Workshop in science fiction with James Gunn, and took over leading it starting in 2010.

Technical-writing publications have included astronomy newsletters, science articles, manuals, and advertising materials. He has also regularly written for the Microsoft Windows Server Resource Kits series, where he was a documentation manager. His contributions to these projects have earned a number of Society for Technical Communication (STC) awards.

In addition to managing the Center, McKitterick teaches several courses in science fiction, creative writing, and technical communications for KU. Fun former jobs include planetarian, observatory assistant-director, trainer, and game store promoter.

McKitterick lives in Lawrence, Kansas, where he dwells amid thousands of books in the Center's lending library, restores old vehicles, and watches the sky. For more (including downloads of his debut novel), check out his personal website:



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Chris McKitterick
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University of Kansas
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Office address: Room 3040, Wescoe Hall

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Chris McKitterick

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