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James Gunn's tagline is "Saving the World Through Science Fiction." You can help with this mission!

The Center for the Study of Science Fiction is a not-for-profit organization housed at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. We are dedicated to spreading interest in and education about science fiction, because we believe that this genre has the power to change the world. It inspires, informs, and warns like no other literary or visual mode. It prepares its readers for the future, for change, and for encounters with the Other. We believe that increasing access to SF through offering educational programs, sharing books, and enabling educators and librarians helps SF increase its reach and positive effect on the world, shaping a better future for us all.

Our Founding Director, Director, Associate Director, Advisory Board, awards jurors, and many others volunteer their time and efforts to the programs we support, and receive no income from the Center. The University of Kansas English Department graciously provides office space, administrative help, and equipment for our volunteers. The University of Kansas IT department provides our Web hosting. The small salary paid to the AboutSF Volunteer Coordinator - a student position - is supported entirely by donations.

Without donors and volunteers, there would be no Center or the Study of Science Fiction. Can you help support, enhance, or grow our science fiction mission?


You can also help support the Center's mission by volunteering. Send us an email, or join our Google Groups discussion forum to see calls for help and to make suggestions of your own.

Make a Financial Donation

The Gunn Center's expenses include:

  • Supporting AboutSF's outreach programs and student Volunteer Coordinators.
  • Hosting the Campbell Conference; special-guest flights and housing, conference-room and equipment rental, receptions, transportation, catering, and so forth.
  • Creating the trophies that go home with the Sturgeon Award and Campbell Award winners, and engraving the Sturgeon Award and Campbell Award permanent trophies.
  • Bringing Sturgeon Award and Campbell Award winners to Kansas for the Campbell Conference, and paying for their food and housing during their stay.
  • Bringing guest authors and editors to Kansas for the Workshops and Campbell Conference, and paying for their food and housing during their stay.
  • Housing and room-rental expenses for the Workshops and Intensive Institute on Science Fiction.
  • Guest lectures and related expenses.
  • Purchasing various supplies (photocopies, posters, printer toner, and so forth).
  • Student scholarships and awards.
  • You might wish to create a new scholarship or award to honor a loved one; if so, please contact Chris McKitterick (, Kij Johnson, ( or James Gunn ( and we can discuss how to arrange this.

We hope to establish a Professor of Speculative Fiction at KU, to further expand our offerings and to help support a degree program and graduate studies in SF.

Click the buttons below to go to the KU Endowment website, where you can make a donation to the various Center for the Study of Science Fiction programs by using your credit card (send checks to the address below):

Make a Donation to the
Center for the Study of Science Fiction

This fund supports most of our projects, including events, speakers, scholarships, and much more.

Make a Donation to AboutSF:

This fund support AboutSF's mission and pays the hourly salary of the student Volunteer Coordinator.

Make a Donation to the
Christopher Gunn Graduate Research Assistantship / SF Scholar Scholarship

James Gunn established this fund to support a KU graduate student Research Assistant position in honor of his son.

The above links allow you to use your credit card to make a donation. If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction and mail it to:

Center for the Study of Science Fiction
Department of English
University of Kansas
1445 Jayhawk Blvd.
3001 Wescoe Hall
Lawrence, KS  66045

If you wish to specify usage, please include a note about how you would like your donation used.

Endow a Professor of Science Fiction

Though the KU English Department has two faculty members who regularly offer courses in SF, plus a number of Affiliate Faculty from other disciplines across campus, the University of Kansas does not currently have a full-time Professor dedicated to the genre, and thus does not currently offer a degree program. Endowing a faculty position in SF would greatly enhance the Center's outreach mission, course offerings, and student scholarships.

KU currently estimates an Endowed Professor position costs approximately $1.5 million, assuring salary, research-assistant graduate funds, and related costs to be covered indefinitely. We are happy to work with a single major donor who wishes to establish such a professorship - a position named in honor of the donor or someone you wish to honor.

If you are interested in helping establish a Professor of SF, or establishing a Named Professorship, please contact Chris McKitterick (, Kij Johnson (, or James Gunn ( We will be more than pleased to discuss your generous donation in support of science fiction education!

Donate Materials

If you would like to donate SF books, magazines, audio/visual materials, clippings, art, or so forth, please contact us about logistics.

If you would like donate money to support a new program, a new scholarship, or something else, please contact us and we can set up an account especially for your donation.

Do you have ideas for other donations, such as supporting a speaker or guest author? Let us know! We are more than happy to institute new programs upon request and with support.

Donate Real Estate

Finally, perhaps you live in the Lawrence area and have property that is not selling during this economic downturn. The Center has long sought a physical space that could hold our growing collection of research materials, and where we could host our events and other educational programs on a regular basis, and offer new opportunities such as writing retreats, frequent workshops, youth programs, and so forth.

If you have a building and would like to donate it for tax purposes, please contact us to see if it would suit our needs. Get a tax break while helping science fiction!


We appreciate our supporters a great deal and like to sing their praises! Of course, if you wish to remain anonymous (as many of our donors do), let us know. This is a preliminary list of people who have recently donated funds, materials, and substantial time to the Center:

Amy and Gary Bennett (in memory of Edward Dobert Spear)
Ken Biggle
Elizabeth Bourne
(in memory of Mark Bourne)
Anna England
(in memory of John H. Beyer Jr)
James Gunn
Richard W. Gunn
D. Robert Hamm
Ann Hyde
Linda Jackson
Kij Johnson
Eric Kerner
Jack McDevitt
Chris McKitterick
James R. Mechler
Buzz Merritt
Andrew I. Porter
Bruce Sherwood
Nick Simmons
Kirk Snavely
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Science Fiction Research Association
Gordon Serjak
Noel Sturgeon and the Sturgeon Literary Trust
Nathaniel Williams
Tommy Triplett
University of Wyoming
(Donald A. Wollheim collection of books and papers)

And many others through gifts of time, money, and materials. If you don't see your name here and would like to be publicly acknowledged, please let Chris McKitterick ( know, and we'll be sure to update this page.

Thank you for helping save the world through science fiction!

updated 5/21/2017

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