Science Fiction Youth Program
Enrollment Form for Donors

Sign up here if you have a good heart. You can donate in these ways:

  • Suggest an organization -- such as a library, school, youth activity center, or so on -- and what you want to give, and then send a check payable to the Center for the Study of Science Fiction. We will send money to the organization to buy the book(s), send donated books, and/or purchase the magazine subscription(s) for the recipient.
  • Pledge a dollar amount to be distributed by the Center to organizations and/or individuals as we see the most need (for example, a library in a city which hasn't yet gotten a donation).
  • Offer to send your collection of (good condition, age-appropriate) books, and we'll help make sure they reach interested young people and/or organizations -- preferably local to where you live to save on postage (also tax-deductible).
  • Let us know if you have another idea for getting SF into the hands of young people.

We will send you a receipt to use when calculating your tax-deductible contributions.

Future feature: Electronic funds transfer for your donation. Let me know if you think this is worth pursuing.

If this form doesn't work for you, or if you use an older web browser, send an e-mail to Chris McKitterick for more information:

A printable text version of this enrollment form is also available; this form requires that you have configured an email program on the computer you are using.

Privacy information: Note that the Center coordinator for this project (Chris McKitterick) is the only person who will see your personal information. We will not share this personal information with any third party.

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Your name:

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State and Zip:

Your phone number:

Your email address:

Name and address of recipient(s) (list as many as you wish):

What you wish to donate (list any number of items from their wish-list):

Other donation (book collections, money donation, etc.):


When you click "Submit," you might see a dialog box asking if you really want your browser to send an email on your behalf, and it might ask if this is expected behavior or a possible virus. This is normal behavior for submitting a web form, so click "OK," "Send," or the equivalent.

If you have trouble using the form, e-mail Chris McKitterick for more information. A printable text version of this form is also available.

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